Welcome to Baby Boomers, their children and grandchildren!

Born in 1947, the second year of the baby boomers, I’ve now lived through much of what baby boomers will experience in their life.

Often I have met people who are not familiar with many life events and circumstances I have experienced.  It’s great to share with them what has happened to me and my wife and how that information could help them.

Here’s my initial list of what’s happened to my wife and me since we turned fifty;

Our parents became too ill to take care of themselves and we became caretakers.

  • We learned about home health care, medicare, medicaid and nursing homes
  • We became very aware of preparing for retirement and end of life concerns.
  • We had our first grandchild, retired and moved closer to our kids in another state.
  • Concerns about the economy and will our income last our lifetime.
  • Concerns about our health as we age and our health insurance, especially dental insurance.

The first thing I want to share is how to prepare for the last part of your life.  One of the best acts you can do for your children is to make sure they know your wishes in that part of your life.

From there I will work backwards to include subjects like how to help your parents in their last days, your role with your children and grandchildren, making sure you have enough income to last the rest of your life and many other topics.

My wife and I were taken by surprise on many life events beginning in our fifties.  Our parents suddenly became too ill to take care of themselves and we had to step in, totally unprepared.  The goal of boomeraide.org is to help others who find themselves in this stage of life to be prepared.

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